Our Story

Lee Schwartz and Jamie Hopkins started their partnership over 20 years ago and have maintained steady, manageable growth. Over the years, family members of both Lee and Jamie have been part of the team. Today, some are still assisting with the office, and Team Metro maintains that friendly family environment and feel to this day.

Located in the Bankers' Hill area of San Diego, just a stone's throw from Balboa Park, the Team Metro office is a "casual and hip environment", as more than one client and agent have put it. We've owned the building for over 10 years, and we take pride in the community and in having unique tenants while contributing to sense of place in the neighborhood.

Team Metro is here for the long haul and will continue to be an integral part of the Metro and Greater San Diego Real Estate Industry. It's a great place to work and home of the "Client for Life" with events ranging from Client Home Buying Seminars to Agent Continuing Education, Team Metro invests in its future so it can be of service to yours. 


Our Process

Team Metro prides itself on the steps it takes to ensure your real estate experience is a pleasure. We follow a very personal yet logical path to ensure that your valuable time is spent doing what you love most: looking at houses you can afford and that will get through escrow in a timely manner. Jamie and Lee closely work with their agents in ongoing training and daily conversations to ensure the transactions going through the office are all done with as much ease possible for you, the client. 

OUR ETHICS: The main reason for a Realtor's success or failure is ethics. Team Metro is known for holding the highest ethical standards in the industry. You won't find a group more committed to doing the process the "right way", with integrity and pride. We stand behind our process, and that is more important than closing a transaction "before the month ends" if that meant cutting ethical corners.

YOUR EXPERIENCE: Most important of all is your experience. Jamie and Lee have clients that have bought 3 or 4 of their own personal residences through them over the years and now they are selling homes to their grown children. They have many investor clients that they help buy dozens of homes. This is because of the amazing referral rate of Team Metro clients - a direct result of the service experience they have and are willing to share.

We want your experience to be one that you will remember fondly and willingly share with others at the many Team Metro client appreciation events that we host throughout the year.